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w e l c o m e

Welcome to my website.  Scroll down to see new  paintings & drawings for the Nude & Figure show.  Feel free to tap the "Request Info" button if I can answer any questions and thanks for stopping by!
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n e w   p a i n t i n g s
The Boss, 48x36", oil on canvas
Kiss from a Rose, 30x24", oil on canvas
Something, 30x24", mixed media
Crazy for You, 30x24" oil on canvas, Holly Irwin
Vogue, 48x36", mixed media 
You've Got a Friend, 40x30", mixed media
P.S. I Love You, 24x24" mixed media
n e w   w o r k s   o n   p a p e r
Sha La La, 30x22", ink & acrylic, framed, Sold
Lady Love, 14x11", ink & mixed media, framed
Just the Way You Are, 7.5x5.5"mixed media, Sold
Sweet Caroline, 7.5x5.5", mixed media, Sold
Mandy, 7.5x5.5", mixed media, Sold
Higher Love, 14x11", mixed media
You Belong to Me, 14x11", mixed media
When I Fall in Love, 7.5x5.5", mixed media, Sold
Beautiful Soul, 48x48", oil on canvas
Fall for You, 7.5x5.5", charcoal & pastel, Sold