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Welcome to my website.  Scroll down to see new  paintings & drawings for the 100 Years of Fashion solo show.  Feel free to tap the "Request Info" button if I can answer any questions and thanks for stopping by!
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Compadres, 18x24", oil on paper,  Holly Irwin
100 Years of Fashion:  1920 - 2020

dk Gallery solo show

Nov. 16 through Dec. 28
l a r g e   p a i n t i n g s
1940, inspired by Cristóbal Balenciaga, 60x48", oil on canvas
2020, inspired by Carolina Herrera, 60x48", oil on canvas
1923, inspired by Coco Chanel, 48x48", oil on canvas, Sold
1937, inspired by Lucien Lelong, 48x48", oil on canvas
1948, 48x48", inspired by Charles James, oil on canvas, Sold
1954, inspired by Christian Dior, 48x48", oil on canvas
1966, inspired by Mary Quant, 48x48", mixed media
1974, inspired by Thea Porter, 48x48", oil on canvas
1985, inspired by Christian LaCroix, 48x48", mixed media
1999, inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, 48x48", oil on canvas
2005, inspired by Chloe, 48x48", oil on canvas
2018, inspired by Carolina Herrera, 48x48", oil on canvas, Sold
Blue Camellias, 48x36", mixed media on canvas
s m a l l   &   m e d i u m   p a i n t i n g s
Mid Century Modern, 48x48", mixed media on canvas
Backless in Dior 1954, 20x16", mixed media/canvas
The Collection, 12x16, mixed media on canvas
Confidence 1949, 10x8", oil on canvas
The Power Suit 1986, 10x8, oil on canvas
The Salon Show, 11x14", mixed media on canvas
The Hustle 1977, 14x11", mixed media/canvas
Peek A Boo Shrug, 10x8", mixed media/canvas
l a r g e   w o r k s   o n   p a p e r
Soiree Trois, 24x18", ink & acrylic on paper, framed, Sold
The Face of Fashion, 24x18", gouache & acrylic on paper, Sold
Catwalk, 18x24", ink & acrylic on paper
She Shimmers, 24x18", mixed media on paper
m e d i u m   &   s m a l l   w o r k s   o n   p a p e r
Boudoir V, 7x5", ink & gouache
Boudoir IV, 7x5", ink & gouache
Boudoir VI, 7x5", ink & gouache
Boudoir VII, 7x5", ink & gouache
Boudoir VIII, 7x5", ink & gouache, Sold
The Sophisticate, 12x9", oil
The Corset Dress, 12x9", mixed media
70's Girl, 10x8", mixed media
The Hen Hat, 10x8", mixed media, Sold
Silk Taffeta, 1995, 14x11", oil, Sold
Paris & Hollywood 1930, 14x11", oil
Au Naturale, 8x8", mixed media
Come Away with Me, 14x11", oil
1999, 48x48", oil on canvas, Holly Irwin
o r n a m e n t s
Chanel Mini I, 4x4", mixed media, Sold
Chanel Mini II, 4x4", mixed media, Sold
Chanel Mini III, 4x4", mixed media, Sold
Chanel Mini IV, 4x4", mixed media, Sold
Joy to the World, 12x8", mixed media on paper, framed, Sold
Bon Jour, 14x11", oil on canvas