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w e l c o m e
to my website.  New paintings and drawings are on this page and are updated each month. Thanks for stopping by......
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Bella, 50x40", mixed media on canvas
n e w   p a i n t i n g s
Chelsea, 48x36", mixed media, Sold
Completely, 48x36", mixed media
Interlude, 36x36", mixed media
Heart So True, 24x24", mixed media, Sold
Summer Romance, 20x20", mixed media
First Love, 14x11", mixed media, Sold
Tender Love, 20x20", mixed media
Poetry, 24x20", oil on canvas, Sold
Be Mine, 10x10", oil & fabric on canvas
n e w   w o r k   o n   p a p e r
One, 14x11", charcoal & conte, framed
Moonlight, 14x11", charcoal & acrylic, framed
Dreamed of You, 14x11", oil and charcoal, framed, Sold
Gentle Rain, 7x5", charcoal & pastel, framed
Silent Whisper, 7x5", charcoal & pastel, framed
Dancer, 27x19", mixed media, framed, Sold
Fantasy, 16x20", mixed media