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w e l c o m e

Welcome to my website.  New paintings are on this page and I update it every month.  Feel free to tap the "Request Info" button if I can answer any questions and thanks for stopping by!
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The Art of the Dance Solo Show
 dk Gallery
Nov. 14 - Dec. 31

Country Christmas 2017, 7x8", oil on paper framed, Holly Irwin, Sold
n e w   s m a l l   p a i n t i n g s
n e w   w o r k s   o n   p a p e r
Wrapped in Love, 6x6", mixed media framed
Alex, 6x6", mixed media framed, Sold
Lee, 6x6", mixed media framed
Make A Wish I, 4x4", mixed media ornament
Make A Wish, 4x4", mixed media ornament
Sandra, 4x4", mixed media ornament
Forever Us, 18x14", mixed media, framed
Light the Way, 7x5", mixed media framed Sold
Joyeux, 6x4", mixed media, Sold
Posh, 7x5", mixed media framed Sold
Merriment, 6x4", mixed media 
Seek, 7.5 x 5.5", ink & acrylic framed
Offer, 8x6", ink & acrylic framed
Find, 6x8", ink & acrylic framed
Receive, 8x6", ink & acrylic, framed
Merry Christmas!
Little Mama, 10x8", mixed media, framed