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w e l c o m e

Welcome to my website.  All of my new paintings are on this page and are updated monthly.  Thanks for stopping by......
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Flair, 57x32", Oil on canvas, Holly Irwin

n e w    w o r k s   o n   p a p e r
Savoir Faire, 14x11", mixed media, framed
Present, 60x30", oil on canvas, Sold
Black Tie, 14x11", mixed media, framed
Gracious, 7x5" ink & oil on paper, framed
Insight, 57x18", oil on canvas, Sold
Faithful, 7x5", ink & oil on paper, framed, Sold
n e w    p a i n t i n g s
Gentle, 7x5", ink & oil on paper, framed, Sold
Kind, 7x5", in & oil on paper, framed
Why?, 12x8.75", mixed media on paper, Sold
Graces, 12x8.75", mixed media on paper
Feather, 7x5", mixed media on paper