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New Beginning, 48x48", Oil on Canvas, Sold
w e l c o m e
to my website.  New paintings and drawings are on this page and are updated each month. Thanks for stopping by......
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n e w   p a i n t i n g s
Patience, 48x36, Mixed media on canvas, Sold
Reasons, 36x36", Mixed media on canvas, Sold
w o r k s   o n   p a p e r
Floating, 10x7", mixed media, Sold
Serenade, 14x10.5", ink, Sold
Smitten, 7x5", mixed media
Glance, 10x8", mixed media
Kismet, 14x11", mixed media
Wishes, 10x7", mixed media, Sold
Jewel, 10x8", mixed media
City Girl, 7x5", ink, Sold
Surprise, 7x5", mixed media