b a c k g r o u n d

As a child, my earliest dream was to be an artist. With encouragement from my mother, I began formal art classes in the seventh grade and was eventually awarded a scholarship to Carnegie-Mellon University’s fine arts program for high school students. 

Over the years, I’ve taken many classes and workshops, and regularly attend an open studio where I draw the figure from a live model. I consider myself a lifetime student of art!

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness in the 1990’s and being forced to leave my job, it was my passion for drawing and painting the human figure that gave me hope and a new life. Today, my husband and I are both artists and have studios in our home in Roswell, Georgia.

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a r t i s t   s t a t e m e n t
Illustration boards flow with ink washes and curving black lines ………elegant drawings of women in beautiful dresses and yards of fabric everywhere………..art classes every Saturday morning for years………this is my background, this is how I grew up as the daughter of a fashion illustrator, and it has all culminated in a love affair with figure drawing. The figure and the dress have become my creative voice, a way of expressing powerful emotions using the language of color, line and composition. Sketchbooks everywhere………I unwind by loosely sketching and scribbling, usually in the form of a figure or a dress. Some of my finished paintings find their beginnings there; others start with a sketch from a live model session……always intuitive, based more on emotion than reality.  

Texture is important in my work because our lives are layered and textured. I paint with modeling paste, gel mediums, acrylics and oil paint using brushes, spatulas and palette knives. My works on paper are evidence of my love of line drawing, pen and ink.  

I search for the girl that lives within me, searching for ways to paint her feelings and emotions. I always come back to her. This is why I paint.